Open InVoice offers you the opportunity to take control of your cash flow. Instead of relying on outstanding invoices, you can easily and quickly access the funds you need to grow and develop your business. Rather than taking out an expensive loan, you can simply free up the money you’ve invoiced before your clients actually pay.

By accessing multiple funders, we can provide you with independent choices to suit your specific needs – while saving you the time and effort of sourcing finance on your own. We’re here to open up your financial options and give you a voice in how you fund your ambitions. By keeping things simple, we free up your time and money, so you can concentrate on your business and not your bills .

A simple process, expert advice, professional support.


With specialist industry knowledge, we can make a complex process simple and open. We save you time and effort in finding the right financial partner, out of over 40 potential funders – allowing you to concentrate on your business and on staying ahead of the pack.

  1. whychoose_simpleSimple you get connected to the right funding partner for you
  2. whychoose_expertExpert you use our knowledge to maximize your funding
  3. whychoose_supportSupport you enjoy the advice and options that will save time and hassle
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