Invoice Finance pricing varies between the multiple funders in the market. So can the terminology. To make things simple, easy and clear we will provide you with expert support to help you understand your options in an open and transparent way. The table below shows a range of charges associated with the different products.
But please note – prices are indicative only, and can vary dramatically depending on the funder.

Fee Explanation Invoice Discounting Factoring
Arrangement Fee Covers costs associated with putting facility in place Typically 1% of funding line Typically 1% of funding line
Service Charge Covers the ongoing servicing of your facility and will vary according to the value and volume of invoices you put through the facility. Charges for credit control and bad debt protection services are also included here. Typically 0.5% to 1.5% of assigned turnover Typically 0.5% to 3% of assigned turnover
Discount Charge A percentage charge calculated daily on the money drawn down from your facility. Base rate or LIBOR + 1.5% to 4% Base rate + 1.5% to 4%
Annual Review Fee The fee charged for continuation of the facility.
Charged in month 13
Typically up to 1% of funding line Typically up to 1% of funding line
Legal Costs of Registering a Charge Administrative costs relating to the preparationand registration of the legal charge at Companies House. Typically £385 +VAT Typically £385 +VAT
Disbursements Charges relating to electronic transfers, requested overpayments, audits and any non standard facility services. Varies between funders Varies between funders