Growing my

I am growing. I am busy. I haven’t got time to sort my finances out, but I know it’s important. I don’t want to get it wrong. I don’t have the time, knowledge or contacts.

Who can I trust
to help?

Protecting my

I want to make sure that if things do go wrong with a customer, that it won’t ruin my business.

Who can help keep things protected?

Paying my staff

My staff need paying. My contractors need paying. I want to make sure I have the money to pay them.

Who can I rely on to make sure this all runs smoothly and funds are available when I need them?

my competitors

I want to buy the business from the owners. I want to buy a competitor.

How can I get help doing that?

Delayed payments
from my customers

My customers are taking longer to pay. I need to get on and run my business, but I worry about collections.

Who can help and won’t ruin my relationships with my customers?

Exporting my services

I want to sell my products and services around the world.

Who can help and fund me with confidence and expertise?

Paying my suppliers

My suppliers want paying. I can’t pay them until I am paid by my customer. I am stuck in the middle.

How do I plug that gap?

Time to find a new home

Things have changed with my current funder. They no longer meet my needs.

Who can help me safely move on to a happy new home?

Success Story

We were introduced to John over 24months ago when we first explored Invoice Finance options. Following the award of a large project some 12months later we required additional finance support and did not hesitate in contacting him again. John provided clear, honest, and exceptional advice and produced a proposal which was sent out to various lenders. We were then provided with numerous competitive options and he guided us through each one. Following his advice, we selected our funder, and I must say how impressed I was with the whole process. I would have no hesitation in recommending John to anyone looking to raise funds within their business.
  • The Brief: Find a flexible and friendly funding partner
  • Industry: Reactive and planned maintenance
  • Reason for Funding: Growth
  • Funding Raised: £500,000

What our clients and lenders say

John very quickly understood the requirement and helped guide us to the best lender profile. He also had excellent insight into the optimum organisational culture fit for us.

Rikki, Group Global Managing Director (Client)

I have worked with John for a number of years. He has extensive knowledge of our sector having held a variety of roles within it before his successful move into broking. It’s clear from our dealings with Open InVoice Finance that John stays very close to the process and always has the client’s best interest at heart.

Neal, Director (Lender)

It was time for a change of lender. John did a great job helping me find a new home. His input was invaluable in the process.

Bob, Owner (Client)

John worked incredibly hard to pull together and complete the transaction with the chosen partner. We wouldn’t have the time nor the knowledge, so it was great to use his expertise.

Phydos, Managing Director (Client)

John provided clear, honest and exceptional advice.

Darren, CEO (Client)

In my experience, John is just about the most incisive and thorough introducers I’ve seen. His understanding of his clients and the detailed scope he puts together make our job a lot easier. Most importantly he makes sure that his clients’ needs are absolutely clear and well represented.

Alec, Risk Director (Lender)

John is a pleasure to work with. He is very organised and thorough in his approach. He understood me and my business and ensured that he was my voice when approaching the lending market. I think that’s really important.

Pedram, Owner (Client)

John is a true industry professional and has the experience to show for it. Open InVoice are what I deem to be a true financial consultancy and not like many brokers who just forward a funding requirement to as many lenders as possible, hoping for the best.

Sunil, Owner (Client)

John worked incredibly hard to get to know us. He engaged with a number of lenders on our behalf having completed an in depth review and presentation on our business. It was a really helpful process and very much value the support we received.

Tim, Director (Client)

I was very sceptical as to what value Open InVoice Finance could give and how they would be able to find products that we couldn’t source ourselves. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

James, CEO (Client)

After approaching my network about Invoice financing I was given John’s name by a trusted ex-manager. I have no trouble referring his services to other companies whenever I have the opportunity.

Fran, Finance Director (Client)

It was clear from the first time I spoke with John that he knew what he was doing and knew exactly who our new funding partner ought to be. We would not have found them ourselves. I quickly had confidence and trust in his ability.

Kevin, Managing Director (Client)

Our business is not one that finance companies find easy to support as we arrange stage payments on large contracts. John came up with a number of providers who were interested and which resulted in us receiving four offers of support.

John, Finance Director (Client)

John took total control of our requirement. He sourced, researched and put together the full facility. John managed the whole process from start to finish. He has since stayed in contact with us and he makes sure all is working well.

Mark, Director (Client)

John proved very effective in understanding our business, and rapidly assimilating the key performance drivers and financial metrics. He was then able to communicate these to the wider financial market with clarity and insight.

Philip, CEO (Client)

Without John’s input we would not have achieved the result we needed.

Karen, CEO (Client)

I have worked with John Dodsworth for many years and have always found him to be a great ‘connector’ in the truest sense of the word. John engages with business owners on a personal level and looking beyond the individual transaction to build lasting relationships.

Tim, Managing Director (Lender)

Open Invoice Finance take the time to understand their clients’ needs as well as to present a full overview and detailed report to us. John has an in depth and up to date of the market place and which funders have the appetite for the deals he presents.

Ian, Regional Sales Director (Lender)

It was clear from the first time I spoke with John that he knew what he was doing and knew exactly who our new funding partner ought to be. We would not have found them ourselves. I quickly had confidence and trust in his ability.

Kevin, Managing Director (Client)

We’ve worked with John for many years; his extensive industry experience means that he is extremely knowledgeable about our sector and this combined with his high level of integrity ensures that his clients are certainly in good hands.

John, Managing Director (Lender)

John was an excellent ally and great resource. He helped negotiate terms and made sure I didn’t trip up on any unknowns – I knew he had my back and for that I am grateful.

Mark, Managing Director (Client)

John stays involved in the transaction from start to finish and most importantly, always puts the customer first, working tirelessly to find the right fit for both the funder and client. 

Sean, Sales Director (Lender)

We were introduced to John, who took time to understand our requirements and what our company did. The result was a funding restructure with a one of the smaller, but well established London banks.

Dave, Managing Director (Client)

John kept things really simple. No fuss, I was able to quickly get things in place with John’s help.

Mark, Director (Client)

John is a very trusted broker and introducer who delivers real value to his client and ensures the business is at the centre of each transaction. This makes the whole process seamless from a customer and funder perspective.

Andy, Sales Director (Lender)

John very quickly got to understand our business and presented a number of options, tailored for our consideration, not just based on price but on understanding of our sector. He continued to support us through the process of legals, explaining in concise terms areas we needed to understand.

Mark, Managing Director (Client)

I know I can rely on John. He is really easy to work with and very structured in his approach. It is evident that lenders place value in his involvement and I think that provides a better outcome for all parties.

John, Director (Client)

John is an asset to both his client and the potential funders as his knowledge of the working capital market is second to none. With his honest approach lots of valuable time is saved in finding the right solution and matching to the appropriate lender.

Mark Sales, Director (Lender)